Snowden - The Heart of God. Memories of yesteryear

by Sr. Breda Gainey SSJA

I knew not what drew me there
that mid summer eve
nor was my heart prepared for its undoing.
Gods hand with palette held,
shrouded mountains in mystery- with
beams of gold, bathing valleys below.

The spirit of Nature was upon me there.

Destiny per chance, drew me into the heart
of this ancestral relation,
Snowden waiting an eternity for my footprint
to weave itself forever into its sacred soil.

And the spirit of Humility was upon me there.

Beauty and size- to heights ascend
waterfall, rock, creature, friend,
rainbow colour, shape variation -
Darkness, light and skies a changing;,

The spirit of the Universe was upon me there.

Tears undimmed, welsh airs exulting
Inspiration and thought, touching time and place.
Life stood still...grace, amazing
Integrity, mystery, awesome space.

My mind was still, my heart oer'flowing
Energies high with mystic air
I was forever held in the heart of God
And The spirit of Love was upon me there..
Oh the spirit of God was upon me there


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