Ode to a Priory Garden

by Sr. Breda Gainey SSJA

Wind whistling, grass quivering
Bells clanging, birds chirping
Sun on raindrop, rain on sunbeam
In new growth Springing.

Paths mysterious, bluebells fathomless
Branches greening, dark earth preening –
Spring water gurgling: a well
From hidden depths rising.
Undisturbed places
With secrets holding promises
Earth made, in hiding.

Let earthling pause and hold
The rhythm of earths heart, beating.
Wisdom and story unfolding
in those who thread softly
In this sacred space meeting.

Season and mist bearing
Hues and colours changing
Cowslips swaying
In wilderness playing.

Soil fresh turned and roots deep rambling.
Holding treasure, priceless, jewel refining.
This place, prayer hallowed with tending
Gods temple weaving
Outdoor Edifice, haven for resting.


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