God is soft - an awesome discovery

by Sr. Breda Gainey SSJA

Morning dew glistens on the grass
Green and soft under bare feet.
Air heavy with perfume and birdsong,
Sun dancing, warm on dappled leaves.

God is soft.

Young rabbits leap and jump with the sheer joy of living
And a white feather floats down
Landing soundlessly on an early Autumn leaf.

God is soft.

Yet life is hard - hard roads, metal gates clashing sounds and scraping...
We create outer shells of armour and protection
With locks and bolts for added security.
My hard world needs the soundless touch of the white feather on the breeze:
My shell longs for the profusion of life and energy hidden beneath its surface,
Waiting to be released by the kiss of the sun.

God is soft.

But softness comes from struggle,:
The fledgling breaking through its shell,
The feather plucked and the pangs of birth.
Darkness and light – all one – day and night
And Go, gentle and loving, comes in unnoticed...

Because God is soft.

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