The Famine Cross

by Sr. Breda Gainey SSJA

(The unveiling ceremony at Cathays Cemetery March 17th 1999)

Bitter sweet the gathering
This spring march morning.
Old women and men stand,
Lost in their own thoughts
Of roots long forgotten.

Shamrock fresh and Celtic melodies
Cannot take away the sadness of yester year;
The famine cross a testament to a tale of endurance and faith.
Thousands upon thousand lie still, in unmarked graves,
Their lives short lived; ’til now, lost in the mists of time.

Two nations – one in remembrance,
Bitter sweet the giving and the gain.
The Celtic cross in limestone stands –
A tribute to a people and a pain
Deep felt this spring morn.

Celtic hearts beat as one;
A gnarled hand grasps the stick.
A tear falls on weathered cheek
For what might have been...
Today the sun shines on bent heads
In blessing –
A new beginning
A new millennium

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