The Woman bent double. Luke 13: 10 – 17

by Sr. Christopher Hennessey SSJA

Lord God, you know that as a girl
I stood straight and tall,
My eyes they shone! my step was light!
Fully alive, you were my all.

Slowly life’s knocks affected me;
My thoughts turned inwards on my woes,
anger self pity, resentment bore me down
And crushed me so.

The daily hurts weighed heavily; my shoulders sagged;
My back bent low,
I lost all joy; all hope was gone.
Crushed, I bent beneath my load.

I’ve nursed my slights, I’ve nourished them
For years I’ve kept them close.
At night, relived each one of them,
then replaced my heavy load.

And now bent double ‘neath the weight;
my eyes are fixed upon the earth.
No thing of beauty my eyes greet…
only the mud beneath my feet.

This is my lot….I’d chosen to shuffle al the day
with back bent low
Until the time I heard these words
“My child. Stand up. Look at me”

“Forget your hurts; your slights; your woes,
which keep your eyes fixed on your toes.
Your anger hurts no-one but you. Be free
My child. Stand up and look at me.

Come back to me, you are so dear.
Your back is bent with sin and shame.
Don’t be afraid. I love you so.
Now I call you by your name.

,Twas hard to do just as he said…
I’d grown accustomed to my load.
How could I fill my nights and days
I’ve got so ‘set’ in all my ways.

If he asks but this one thing….
why can I not trust him?
He’ll fill my mind with better things and
oh the great relief to be
free from these thoughts that trouble me.
And now, although my youth’s long gone
I, once again, stand tall and strong.

Lord Jesus, to you all praise is due,
for this great gift of faith in you.
I know that you are always nigh,
so when a hurt again comes by,
help me to raise my eyes to thee
and cast these thoughts away from me.

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