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Date: 10th - 10am to 3:30pm
Event: Day of Reflection: “In the natural world, we discover the mysterious power whence all things come into being”. (Thomas Berry).
Led by: Sr. Bridget Pritchard SSJA
Cost: £10 (please bring packed lunch)

Date: 16th - 23rd
Event: Preached Retreat - “Rest and you will see, see and you will love, love and you will praise”.
Bishop John, former Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster and Bishop of Middleborough 1992-2006, now serves part-time in a Parish in Harpenden and leads Retreats throughout the U.K.
Those who wish to make 8-days continue till Wednesday 25th April.
Led by: Bishop John Crawley
Cost: 6-Day Retreat is £330, an 8-Day Retreat is £440